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We were able explore the coercive aspects in transactional sex by speaking to a broad cross section from Central Uganda. We are aware that there were many participants with different ages, contexts, data generation methods, and it was difficult for us to assess how widely coercion was used. Indeed, this effort was complicated by the fact that not all FGD participants necessarily voiced agreement or disagreement with all comments made by other participants and not all participants experienced all the aspects of coercion discussed in this paper. This may have stifled their desire to share their personal experiences of behavior that they perceived as stigmatizing.

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Many coming-of-age ceremonies recognize the passage of a young girl through puberty. This is when she experiences menarche (her first menstruation). The traditional Apache coming-of age ceremony for girls, called the na’ii’es, takes place over four consecutive days. The girls are covered in clay and pollen that they must not wash until the end. These rituals involve dancing and other challenges to physical strength.

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